Sure okay. All of that is valid. But you are going to die.
You. Are. Going. To. Die.
Whether a million people love you or no one does. You’re still gonna die. And none of this, none of this woefulness, none of this sadness about nobody caring will matter after that.
Sure, it’s valid but is it helping you to live right now, knowing full well and without a doubt that regardless, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE?
Remember being close to being in a car accident?
Remember being in an actual car accident?
Remember how nothing else mattered except for this sentence in both instances, “Whoo, that was close!”
There is no coming back as you after death, doll.
Its all over.
Yeah, you got hurt. Like I said, it’s valid.
But this ride you are on is short.
Death is forever. And there is NO ESCAPING IT. None.
So, you could spend your remaining years here upset that you didn’t get a fair shake, and no, you actually didn’t.
Or you could say fuck it, oh well and do something, anything, that makes you happy and glad to be alive for the rest of the time that you get to be on this ride because it can end sweetie, at any moment.
I don’t want to tell you to be grateful but I will tell you to be mindful.
Don’t let that old hurt hold you back from doing something that is going to make you feel better today, or proud that you existed today, or something that could help someone else today.
It’s never going to be perfect but it can get better, and what’s better than where you are right now is remembering that soon, very soon there will be no more you at all.
So you didn’t get a pony or a sweet mommy and daddy.
Sorry kid but you won’t get off this ride but one way either.
So fucking live it up.
While you can, live.
Love yourself, while you can, LOVE YOURSELF.
Let the past go, while you can, let it go.
Look for every opportunity to be happy, while you can, look around for them.
Because as far as you know, honey this is it.
And that’s all you need to know.

2 responses to “A love letter from the end of the road”

  1. Shawn Frilot Avatar
    Shawn Frilot

    Nice read… In like how it gained speed.


    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      Thank you for reading and commenting I really appreciate it.


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