If allotted such a short period with which to explore
who you really are and who I am with you
I know precisely what I would do
At 10 AM, I’d meet you at the California State Railroad Museum and we’d dress like passengers from 1943 and take photos and speak to one another in that era’s vernacular as if we’d only met for the first time that day on the train to Los Angeles by way of a stop due north and east, per chance.
At 11 AM, we’d have found a riverside wooded area where birds could watch me hugging a Vine Maple with you behind me, thrusting in the warm glow of daylight, with all your might, until tree sap isn’t the only life force that leaks onto me.
At 12 PM, we’d feed each other olives and almonds and cannabis and slices of apple and prosciutto and mozzarella and drink Sangiovese out of the bottle and get really high and laugh at how we felt about hours one and two and kiss each others finger tips.
At 1 PM, Caressing and lathering ourselves and one another and feeling our soaped up bodies pressed against the drenching hot water and the slipperiness of existence and this moment and our wet skin, we’d shower together.
At 2 PM, the obvious next task would be to have a lip sync battle of our favorite song from the 90’s that reminds me of you and you of me with other than the original track itself playing, only bottles of bubbles and green glow sticks as our allowed props for the performance and the winner gets a strip tease from the loser…
At 3 PM, I’d slap and choke you and you’d return in kind and I’d yell at you and tell you everything on my mind about how upset I am that you are just going to leave and how you never loved me evidently and you’d say I was delusional and fairly unwell and fat and ridiculous and stupid as hell and we’d break glasses and windows and trash the room and ravish one another until we felt bad about what we had done earlier in the woods and attempted to improve upon the experience once more with all inhibition gone…
and when my time was up, I would happily let you go
just to see if you would come back at 5 PM for more…

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