Everything is a distraction from death but I will pretend
that time won’t bend itself into a loop of where I’ve been
I want to be brand new with you
were you even here at all
I am the king of all these parts and everything that I see
until I find one worthy enough to lead me
and I don’t take the power position or my intimacy lightly
its a feature of being crazy
and the scariest thing that you could say
is that you want to stay…
Everything is ending from the start but I will play along
like I have a heart that the foundation of love can be build on
when I’ve only ever done it wrong
were you even here at all because nothing lasts very long
including the existence of me
you’re terrifying because I want desperately to believe
that two thrones are better than one
and you’re the most refreshing fleeting being
fortune has teased me with seeing
in between the moments where I’m waking and not yet pretending
that I have any meaning after the coming but before the leaving
were you even here at all
kingdoms fall
because the harder I choose to hang on
the sooner the illusion of possibility rubs off…

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