Anything could happen between me the world and you
I don’t know the answer what the universe might do
A mouse could run across my foot right now
starting over making plans
and it could rain, it could rain
doing the same dumb shit all over again
a kiss could graze my lips right now
’cause I want to know what you’re doing and I’m wondering where you’ve been
and there’s no pain, no pain,
when I relive what I’m living
’cause I’m over here doing something else with somebody who ain’t him
or maybe he is him and you aint
the roles have finally switched
and I get a real and meaningful true kiss
and a lightening strike could find this night
and now I’m kinda freaking
because I’m sorta super scared when I’m right
and I don’t know if I am doing the best thing
I should just mow this whole place down
or it could rain and you could kiss me
and I could still wonder how
any of this is happening…

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