I said are you sure because you can bow out…
like I always do
But he said I ain’t going nowhere girl, I wanna fuck with you
And then I said, I know but I’m off my rocker so
which is another thing I say too
I’m easily and willingly fooled
But he was like its cool, stop stressing
I even tried telling him about my friendship with suicide
and all the problems from before it and after it
that were linked together side by side by seat belts and road maps
and that I rarely share
except in a publication or a journal I’ve locked away somewhere
He acted like he wasn’t scared and didn’t care because it made me prettier somehow
and would ya believe it this motherfucker has been consistent for a whole 30 days now?
He don’t know that I’ve been keeping track since the first time he said
I was the most attractive woman in the room
and when he said
I know what you need and
and now I know one thing is certain
he either really likes me or he is way more dangerous than I’ve noticed…
I’m easily and willingly fooled-
when I wanna be…

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