My lips are the best thing that you have ever tasted.
You know you aint going nowhere, boy.
So when I say good morning you filthy piece of shit you know I mean I love you.
Having my ass rub up against you is the closest you’ll ever get to heaven.
You know you’ll never be over me, boy.
So when I call you a poor nasty little slut you know I mean you’re my favorite.
Touching me is where the idea of pillows originated.
You know I keep you up at night, boy.
So when I say I wish I was home and you were tied to my bed you know I mean this thing is forever.
Being inside me for just a couple of seconds is all you can really handle.
You know you don’t deserve a tenth of my love, boy.
So when I say I’m fucking busy, bitch you know I mean you belong to me in ways you don’t understand yet.
My eyes see all the way through you.
Any time I give you I should charge your ass for.
So when I say you’re trapped you know good and well I mean that shit and you can carry that check to the bank with proper, ID, sugar.
I don’t need any feedback either.

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    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate it!

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