It’s all the wrong combos and we know it in advance.
It’s all a game.
But this time it’s silkier.
I’m in.
It’s every tragedy that started out accidentally.
It’s all a stupid game and you’re falling for it again.
But this time it is wetter.
I’m sure that you knew I was in right?
It’s a haunted house with no ghosts that we flock to.
It’s all a trick.
But this time my eyes are open wide.
Surprisingly though, I’m still in.
It’s happening to us like it’s happening to those around us.
It’s all a fucked up trick and you are gagging for it again.
But this time it tastes safer.
I’m so in.
It’s the size of the moon bursting my little heart open.
It’s all a lie.
But this time, I’m not forcing it.
You’re in too, right?
It’s nothing more than chemical induction.
It’s all a blatant lie and you’re leaning in again.
But this time I asked for it.
And again and holy cow, again…
I hope you’re in.
This time impress me.
This time tame me.
This time change me completely.
We’re in this together now.

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