I am not who you thought that I was.
I was wrong but not in a way that destroys my soul.
You knew and yet you let me dance for you.
Thank god, I am older.
It’s cool baby, watch.
You are not who I thought that you were.
I was wrong but I am smart and I caught it in time.
You knew and yet you didn’t stop me.
Thank god, I am wiser.
It’s cool baby, you’ll see.
I am not who you expected I would be.
I was wrong and it hurts to be wrong but at least I’m right now.
You knew but you must have figured that I knew too.
It’s cool baby, always was.
Thank god, my gut still works.
You are not what I thought that I needed.
I was wrong but I kinda thought something was off.
You knew and you thought well let me hit until she figures it out.
It’s cool baby, I got this.
Thank god, I didn’t go all in.
I am not a plaything, sugar.
I was wrong and I forgive myself over and over and over.
It’s cool baby, I’m hip.
Thank god, I listen to me now.
You knew and now we both do so shit is finna change.
You are not as valuable as I assumed.
I was wrong but I read you right at first I just didn’t trust me then.
It’s cool baby, I’m grown.

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