We share a wish.

We both think that if I had the key, we’d be a lot farther.
Or is this just my wish that I am projecting onto your furrowed brow?
Is this my wish that I am making your chin rubbing mean?
Am I purposefully misinterpreting things once again to fit the story of us that I have already written?
You won’t get me, eventually, that’s what I have told myself is true.
The wish that we share is that we both want you to.
We both think waking up in one another’s arms is probably the best thing we’ll ever know.
Or is this just me thinking about you in this moment and me being completely wrong?
Is this just what I want right now in my head?
Am I thinking of someone else who didn’t love me back and giving you the love I held out for them instead?
You’ll leave me, everyone who has known me intimately ultimately has wished to be loosed.
But my wish is that someone would come along and become the exception to that rule.

Is that what you wish too?

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