Actually what this could turn into he doesn’t know
Yet she thinks she’s figured out what’s holding him back
(It’s the larger crankshaft that’s driving everything)
Women and what they mean
Actually he just likes bad asses and she let’s her pirate nature show
Yet she thinks he only likes her because she happens to be black
(It’s the ridiculous amount of horsepower in the fucking thing)
Men and what they mean
Actually he wouldn’t be mad if any wind changed her flow
Yet she thinks she knows how it will end for a fact
(It’s the single cam pushrod valvetrain keeping it interesting)
Couples and what they mean
Actually he could love her even though she’s crazy so
She thinks the whole of them isn’t really broken just severely cracked
(It’s the fucking fuel injection evidently)
Relationships and what they mean
He just goes wherever his dick says he can go
Yet she still thinks that she can convince him to love her back
(Right now he just craves hearing the bitch’s purring…)
Eventually nothing means anything

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