I suspect
that we’ve always known
Where’s your head now
where’s your heart
Nothing in this barren land
could have grown
where is your body and/or your soul
do you have a soul
do you need one
are you conscious
are you purposeful
are you anything
or anybody
are you anywhere at all
are you just an item flowing down the river
are you a texture are you a song
This isn’t what we envisioned
where’s your head now
where are your needs
Happiness requires permissions
where is your hope and your worth
and your blessings
where’s the danger
and is it in you
are you carrying the danger along no matter what you do
are you the conductor
or the passenger of this train
where are your morals
where is your brain
are you made up
or making it up on the spot
do you love yourself
or anything else
or not?

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