You’re in my bed right now.
Music is playing and you’re relaxing
and I’m caught in a thought about him…
I tried loving him and hating him.
Neither worked.
It’s dumb I know and useless
a real waste of time but
I’m going to have to destroy him
with you…
because you are in the next room
laying there
waiting on me…
It’s so sexy.
Especially since I have been waiting on you
a long time.
Even before I knew you.
I had a hole in my heart your shape.
So fill it.
Because every time I listen when he says shit like
he doesn’t want anyone to control him but me
I get further away, into the stratosphere,
because I know he’s igniting the sun in me
and if I don’t pull back,
his wings will melt.
It’s dumb I know and useless
a real waste of time but
be my him now.
Be my heart.
Be my center.
Be my joy.
Because I promise as long as you want me
then I will be yours
since I’ve given myself no alternative…

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