I wished, for a long time,
3 years now
that he would have said
Maybe I’ll let someone else cage me for life just to spite you…
Maybe you’ll have to share my keys with someone else and I’ll end up disgraced by my family and still a sex slave in someone’s closet.
All I know is that if I let you cage me again you better never let me free ever without handcuffs on.
I want to be 100 percent owned by you. That’s one thing I do know.
Look at me, begging for the very things I’m going to end up begging for relief from.
This is going places I can’t stop.
I know I’ll regret it. But I deserve to be forced without mercy.
And I know you want me to be fucked I can see it in your eyes.
I just want it to get out of hand in a way where I end up enslaved and out of control, not just tossed aside and forgotten.
I wanna be your slave. And I hope you eventually date someone who insists on having a key too.
And I pray that they want to keep me denied and cuckolded even more than you do.
Because you queen, I could convince to let me free. You love me and I love you.
But If you fell in love with someone who held my key too I’d be enslaved without remorse or mercy for who knows how long and that’s what I need.

And then today, he said it. Verbatim.

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