What do you mean, evil?
Well I won’t hold it against you anymore even when you eventually do leave.
I think a quick nap is in order.
OMG, you don’t know how naps work, eh, evil?
To answer your question well I’m not sure. I mean I guess during the day time in a public place might be okay to hang out but we don’t like the same places or the same music so I’m not sure you won’t do anything but be angry with me or just leave me there if you hear literally anything new….
I dunno…
Seems like you’re gonna leave so…and…and…and
I like someone so I don’t want to mess it up just to hang with someone who didn’t really like me y’know, evil?
You like me best right here in your phone and imagination not so much in real life.
I’m so confused right now.

Are you going or what, evil?
You miss me but now you hate me? You want to see me but you’re suddenly better off without me in like seconds? Wow.

Okay, evil.

So when you don’t get your way you insult me? Uhm…

What would have happened had I said sure, evil? Mercy.
Hold on…
Have you been drinking a lot lately, evil?
I left you a voicemail since you’re having whatever trouble answering the phone… but when you do hear the message do me a favor and go back to the beginning of this exchange and read everything you have written to me.
And then really read my responses and see if at any time I genuinely said anything evil or malicious or unkind toward you.
Just go.

I think somewhere deep down you think if people fight with you it is proof of how they feel about you.
It isn’t.
That shit is toxic mental instability.
And it doesn’t help me personally.
I’m trying to stay on the right side of sane, evil.
I’m sorry you think you like me but you really don’t but I know this already and I don’t see why you keep getting so mad about it.
I’m not going to allow you or anyone else to rob me of my little bit of joy.
I can’t and survive.
I’ve never said one thing to you that wasn’t true at the time, evil.
You can’t control my assumptions or my thoughts. Why do you keep attacking me because of what you think that I am thinking?
You should go.. no worries sweetie…

Start to forget it, evil.
I’m sorry I couldn’t be whatever the fuck it was that you wanted me to be.
I have nothing else to say to you and you will never hear from me again.
Except in your most evil memories.

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