You can do whatever you like but if you think a song is too old to listen to after being released to the public three weeks ago then we don’t hear ear to ear.
We probably wont be kicking it too tough either.


At least not how you think.
I’m surprised-Its already trash and you just loved it a day ago, a week ago, a year ago, tonight?
So you don’t appreciate shit basically.
You can do whatever you like but I listen to songs from like 200 years ago, regularly.
Loyalty is how many times you can happily do the same shit.
How many times the same shit still sounds good to you.
Maybe I don’t sound good to you these days then?


These days are changing though.
But if you can’t listen to a melody more than four times what do you even understand of love?
I’ll listen to the same track on repeat for hours. Decades even. I understand appreciation. It comes, with time.
You can do whatever you like but I have already downloaded a piece of your soul to my computer where it can be safe for ever as long as electricity stays important to mankind because you’ll never get old to my eyes or my ears or my heart. You’re one of those songs that are truly hard to ever really turn off.


I’m sad that you don’t hear the music that you introduced me to anymore.
But you can do whatever you like.



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