Ain’t this a bitch?
I just want one last kiss.
Oh so that’s how you get down when I’m not around?
Damn you fine. And that last line, the one that you rhymed? Its’ wrecked my mind.
Wow bitch you really fake the funk or you got a whole host of characters in your head!
We breathing the same air, watching the same stars, I love your scars I made the best.
So you didn’t think I wanted that or because you knew I did you purposely withheld?
From me? After all I have done for you? No, fuck you. Go to hell!
So when can I see you again because I don’t want this to ever end.
No more you? I’d never want to. I swear its true. We’re friends.
You think I’m one of your things? Something you can toss about or forget about infinitely?
I’d sacrifice the rest of my life but the one day, the one where you tell me you love me.
You got me so fucked up. I’m disgusted. Love is the wackest shit.
I’ve never loved anybody more than you never forget that bit.

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