A quick way to terrify my kid

To me, you will always be magic.
And I am not worthy to know why the goddesses of creating humans decided to bless little old crazy weird me with such a great kid but I am glad that they did.
They gave me a smart, self sufficient, funny, hard working, good looking creature to care for and I didn’t think that I could handle it every single day that I have. I have done my level best to show you and them that I appreciate the chance!
I’m glad that you are on this water ball because it proves to an unloved person like myself that love is real.
I’ve given all that I know of it to you and hopefully it is enough to remind you on your darkest days, because we all have them, that you can not only survive but thrive.
Even when I’m gone be sustained by the fact that against all odds you exist and are magnificent!
Have a good day my son and keep your chin toward the stars so you can see a reflection of your magical self in the sky!

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