You prefer women who lie to you and I don’t try to so



away we both go to our corners of this world
and I’ve dropped dimes for you and thrown coins at you and let you change my mind
playing games with other names and places and faces that really don’t matter at the time
and you said you like it that way the best, where you can be a mess and feel sad about nothing in a way that you can’t feel for long if I’m around
I remember that day that I saw you crying and within the hour I had you smiling and laughing and laying back on the couch watching some dumb ass show high as fuck absolutely nothing else mattering but the mood

and I didn’t care that you didn’t give a shit about me it was just enough that you were there
but you prefer women who act like they love you with their mouths and body
but with my mind and fingertips I apparently actually do
And you know it too you keep tossing the ball off to me saying things like you ain’t gone do shit and then every word you write is but I don’t call and why do you even care at all
but you say I don’t really love you like they do because I don’t lie…
that makes me not your type
but I did lie…every time I’ve tried to say goodbye


I don’t matter because I’m Hydrogen and you’re Oxygen and you don’t want to be water, evidently

I lied every single time but I don’t try to so…

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