You’re such a vibrant distraction so what’s a broken flutter-by to do
except cling to the validation of a poetic kiss or two
And I know that its the wrong move as soon as I want to try to
because something inside magnetically compels me to trap you
yet I’m good at things like making lists and I always follow through
but no matter how much love I suck down I don’t swallow, only chew…
I will eat you because I need to and it’ll destroy you, my friend
I will help you and then hurt you and then help you again
If I kiss you hard at midnight I’ll already have a clue
that for a while you’ll see me as Aphrodite and eventually Sun Tzu
then I’ll end up Medusa in the story you tell about a hopeless shrew

who fucked you
You’re such a beautiful person on the outside, that shit is true
but if you were healthy and secure and smart I’d be the woman you never knew…
so leave me whenever you’re ready as soon as you want to
because something inside me that I can’t control will ultimately end you


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