I’m already checked into my next flight
closer to where you live
close to where you sleep but I’ll be with him
probably the most exquisite looking man I have ever seen
I picked up on something in him that is in me
frailty, insecurity and the curse to achieve
and for no reason at all he stopped being cute to me
he’s just a man now another earth bound being
and he suddenly seemed more friendly than he needed to be
and all and at once I decided to keep him
while I try again to get over you
while I try again to
I’m nothing like you so you and I will never be through
and I don’t know if I will ever feel again about anyone
that way I have for you
I always find something for everyone else to do
a place to fit them into my life and outta my mind
but you’re stuck in there I swear and I’m sorry that I’m not blind
he’s prettier than you are on all accounts
and I’ve spoken of you to him but never let your name out
yet I’ve done all of this before
I’ve had another friend just like him prior to you darkening my door
and he and I will get closer that’s just what I do
and he’ll be the friendship that I wish I had with you
but you’ll still be the alien fetish that I masturbate to…
and I’ll tell your ass all about him and show you our pictures because I’m in pain
still begging for your attention any kind in any way
he’ll obviously get sick of me most people eventually do
while I try again to get over you
while I try again to

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