There’s no complaint department for hurricanes
no suggestion box for an equinox
no support line for the sun not shining
and no warranty for broken hearts
as sorry as I am that he lied to you
There isn’t a thing that I can do
You can’t unwatch a movie
and if it rains there is no one to sue
Calling me about your man is the silliest of all things
You can’t be pissed that a Zebra won’t grow silver striping
You can’t cry to the pitcher about where a batter swings
There’s no helpline for a mountain’s size
I’ve never broken any of your flimsy ties
I’m not the reason your “boyfriend” is community property
Don’t make much sense to be mad at me
It’s like getting upset at sunsets
or alarm clocks that have a button for snooze
its the same as being mad at the elephant flesh
your pet tiger eats when it gets loose
Ain’t no refunds for digested food
a beast does what a beast wants to
and after all is said and done doll
I’m not the person who hurt you

So don’t hit me up because he’s unfaithful
I’m just another bone that stray dog likes to chew
There’s no complaint department for hurricanes
because hurricanes can wreak havoc outta the blue


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