Is it even about that for you?
I’m genuinely curious
Does it really matter to you what I look like?
My physical appearance isn’t what gets your goat, is it?
The gig is your servitude, yeah?

Are other slaves going I would obey but I don’t like your aesthetic?
Familiarity will change perception every time anyway, no?

I’m just an option you are weighing
just in case
no doughfaced young dick slurping specialist
that you can actually love
fr fr
doesn’t steal your filthy little heart away by ignoring you into submission
or capture or pregnancy and other country corny corn coast entrapmentalities

I on the other hand only give a shit
about your flights of fancy
because I want an unlimited supply of your blood
sweat and tears and energy

do you think I’m pretty though?

Why if so?
I wanna know…

Because you don’t want me
not really
and if you did you couldn’t have me
your place is in the corner of my room on your pretty little creamy knees
aching and waiting to see
if there is a tiny chance that I might let you breathe

that’s the gig, no?
your humiliation agency embodied by me…

so what difference does my face make to you
in actuality


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