They lie to me because I call them sweetie
yet I’m always stopping at hotels close to that one
that says shit like come see me and only me
but he’s entertaining any willing goddess for fun
they act like the highway ain’t long
So they all lie to me because I tell them they are super pretty
yet I’m running through train stations near another one
that boohoos and cries every time I’m leaving
but he is the boyfriend all of the divas under the sun
even though the highway is long
I don’t believe either of those fools
it never adds up but what could I do
I like boys good looking enough to like boys too
They all lie to me simply because they were born attractive to me
and I’m always flying through cities next to my favorite one, you see
but he only thinks of me when he’s fantasizing
and he stays claiming after me he’s done
If I lock his dick up and throw away the keys
his lie is the best of the lies sprinkled into warnings indefinitely
just for me
But the highway is so so long


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