When the vibrator is off I think…
Your permission is my addiction.

ooh, him.
Yes him, the one, my the one for now, him.
ooh him.
I’d walk through a pane of glass.
yes, true.
I’d stand in the hot sun, for hours and hours on end.
this I would do…
I’d begin again.
I’d steal anything he might look good in.
I’d sin.
nothing I wouldn’t do for him.
I’d let him get close to my ass, which I never let anyone do.
I’d wait for a million years plus two.
I’d stand in line just to touch him again.
Even though I know he’s just a man.

And as soon as my vibrator has been on and I turn it back off once more….

Fuck you is the only song in the score.
What are you standing next to me for?


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