Aside from turbulence I forget I’m moving over 500 miles an hour
watching the ground at a 45 degree angle as I head above it through the clouds
I’m thinking now
about gratitude and appreciation
fate and destinations and love…
I was kinda like okay dig this, first, you are in the legit sky right now flying above the whole ass earth at the moment. Regardless, that’s some space age wild ass shit to be doing-
most niggas where you from will NEVER be 30,000 feet above the fucking planet their whole ass lives.
So be grateful.
Two, I was thinking and guess what, you are not in control of this plane. Or the weather.
Aye, anything could happen up here, you hear me and if it does… that’s goodnight.
Good fucking night. Forever.
If you get back on the ground safely ho, be grateful.
Be grateful for everything- for the smoke and traction, addiction and inaction, bleeding and satisfaction all of it.
That’s gone be me all 2020. Stepping back and really looking at shit before I get sad or mad.
I know how to drive a fucking car and change a tire if I need to. I can cook with or without a microwave. My legs still walk. I can’t see without glasses and how blessed am I to be able to afford them! I can read! I can fucking read!! I’m okay.
Yeah I might have bills and I might not be skinny or rich or married but what matters is can you enjoy and appreciate the little magnificent shit you got going on right now?
Bitch you can breathe without an oxygen mask.
Nobody is beating your ass.
You can afford weed!
Like, shit gets scary and people are stupid but life is a record.
There’s a beginning to the song and an end. Period.
So regardless of the genre all you can do is make that shit a banger!
Sing louder! Use refrains!
Appreciate yourself, what you’ve survived and what you have and what you don’t have
because most of the world has SO MUCH LESS… and yet they know how to be grateful-
and you’re still alive feeling frozen and at the same time, flying.
And I am sky high from time to time so I will be a little more grateful.
That’s who I want to be.
That’s all the love that I can give…myself.

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