You’re such a fucking girl trying to get your way and shit and talking back and holding your breath and daring death. Look at you. scared. weak. playing hard. When you know good and well I own you.
You’ll dance for me if I say so. Shut up. You’ll sit in the corner naked cold and quiet until you shake off the attitude first. I don’t need you, heroin. I want you. And I’m immortal.
I’m going to wear you like a skin. I’m going to stretch you beyond your understanding as soon as you surrender. This is not a game. Never was. You walked into the devil’s cave, foolish one. You think its about sex because you’re just a horny child on the surface but the soul of you has already belonged to me in another life and will again over and over and over.

Your mouth and mind and dick and ass have always been mine for an eternity and always will be. Distance does not matter. You belong to me. Accept it. I have.




And I’m in no hurry. Why would I be?
You are completely fucking empty and everything about you is an act. I still just want you.
More than anything in the world. I want to break you in half like a fucking pinata until the REAL YOU oozes out.

The little boy inside. I want him. And I am going to fuck him blind.

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