Sometimes I miss you
but it has nothing to do with me or you really
like a clock ticking toward an alarm it did not set itself
sometimes no matter how much I fight
the magnet in the moment
makes me think I want you
then I miss you
but only when I can’t control myself
and the moon takes over
and I remember that I am just an animal on this floating sphere
I belong here
because the tide and the passing of days make me act like other earth bound animals do
just another cat on a hot tin roof and the cycle continues
and one night right before I fully howl at the moon
proof my body can still do what its designed to
find another parasite that could survive the brutal birth of man and birth another one;
BECAUSE I CAN even if I don’t want to
that’s when I miss you, if I ever do
counting down ticks and tocks
If I had to introduce another creature to the long road to death
I would want him or her to look just like you
A you that I could own and love, whether you liked it or not
And in a few days when the blood dries up and the cycle with me and the moon starts all over again
I’ll want you exactly where you are- over there pretending you’re more than just an animal- far away as possible from my touch.
my punishment will always be giving you what you want
Sometimes I miss that so much…

2 responses to “Thickening the lining just in case”

  1. Visions Avatar

    Excellent and powerful, really great writing


    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      Thank you for reading and commenting!!!


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