I was angry before but I’m high now.
I’m looking at my friend who has not been forthcoming
or responsive
or communicative at all
like I look at my own child when he is behaving like a dip shit.
See, if he does something fucking dumb
I never lose my cool at him about it- he’s a child and we are children as well no matter how old we age.
I love him so I understand that he’s new to earth and learning is painful sometimes and while he learns he is going to trip up, fuck up and be an all around pain in the ass to know and care for, especially if I don’t understand why he is behaving in an unresponsive
or uncommunicative fashion like a selfish freak.
I don’t treat adults this way with this level of care and that’s terrible
because I claim to love them too.
So as long as I’m not in danger, I’ma remember this is our first time being 45 soon-
still children for as long as we breathe
and technically we are new to the earth too
and still too stupid to do everything appropriately all of the time.
I’ll just be as open to clarity regardless of how long it takes
just like I would with my own offspring
until my buzz is gone, of course.



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