I know that you forget a lot
but you are pretty awesome
for a human female considering
and everything that’s anything
is going to be just fine in time
and its not just because you are beautiful to somebody
or talented to somebody else
It has nothing to do with who gets to
cum inside you and who doesn’t
so take this reminder
like you would take a vitamin
or a liter of water
and stay calm sweet pea
keep making your plans
keep being an active participant in your own existence
smile because you want to
when you want to
especially when you are alone and being extra fucking grateful
for what you do have
being over 30 and unmarried and whatnot
since being hard on yourself
Is a terrible alternative
to breathing deeply
looking around and enjoying the things that you bring forth from your mind
all the shit you’ve developed, nurtured, produced and created
is incredible considering
ain’t shit Ivy league about you so
remember, because I know soon you will forget
who you are doing this for…you.
in the mean time, do it like you mean it
and don’t worry so much
about what gets slightly fucked up
because honey its all made up
and what makes you an amazing motherfucker
isn’t what you are afraid of
but what you’ve tried and survived-
and all of the creativity that you dared to leave behind
before you were consumed into the nothingness from which you came
don’t cry silly girl, dry your eyes
and do your level best while you are here
to have a good ass time…

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