You’re not ugly you just don’t know how to photograph yourself
You keep your best bits in your darkness
and wonder why a visually stimulated world
Doesn’t glance twice
Must be nice
But I know my angles
I have to because I can’t make the aesthetic mistakes you are allowed to
and even when I recede into the shadows
hiding my shape hair and mouth
it doesn’t shroud
whatever light you chose to see
like fuckability
I’m not pretty really
I just look like a cartoon outline of familiarity
a Jessica Rabbit Meme
doesn’t mean I don’t like that you don’t know how appealing you are
or that you don’t like hearing car horns beep at me as I walk-off
You’re not ugly and I’m not pretty but people see what they want to see
together we are the snapshot of everything; nothing is what it seems
You’re Adonis in bifocal glasses you don’t need and
I’m Aphrodite with a gap in her teeth.

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