Wake up and finally decide
My chains and whips are just your size
Wanna shake my tree branch
Or toe dip with me at high tide?
Let’s veer left, never double back
we were never meant to be right
are we racing for the door dear
or staying cooped up ’cause of pride?
They said the fruit of that tree was bad for us
but either motherfucking way we still die
These aren’t even the scariest of times
Not for us parasites
You’re every bit of poison boy I could want from a wife
You’re young and beautiful and I’m crazy
Wanna stop imagining our life?
Will you leap off the cliff’s edge
and walk the fiery tightrope to my side?
Come waste all of my time
Or are you too scared now to try?
Wanna be the saddle and I’ll be the whip, boy
Because otherwise, life is just a lonely cattle drive
Wake up and finally decide
Do you want to cower alone or know what the horizon hides?

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