Frequent Buffering

You’re special to nobody and nobody special and I’m nobody
and if you existed, you’d be the type who had no intention
of diminishing yourself by using others
or wasting precious time physically praising anyone just because
you found them attractive if they were otherwise unworthy
of your genuine love and affection.
You’d be incredibly credible to me
and unless I was already sleeping with you
I think you’d never send me a picture of your dick before that
moment that you knew that you loved me back because you would think
that was stupid and desperate like some 70’s flasher sick of himself freak shit
and you would never show your intimate body parts to someone you weren’t intimate with
because porn is free and you don’t even have low self-esteem.
I’m nobody but I don’t want anybody other than
someone who doesn’t exist
someone like you
so now I have to
be who I want him to be
for myself
in lieu

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