I don’t want to remember the way that it was and yet I reminisce
Suddenly your melody moves down my playlist
I don’t want respiratory failure to be how I die yet steady puffing shit
Suddenly my handcuff is not clasped onto your wrist
I don’t love you and I don’t need you and I stay regretting it
Suddenly your smile isn’t as fun as seeing you pissed
I don’t want to be frightened but no other feeling fits
Suddenly a new version of me wants you dismissed…

I try to live in the moonlight where your sun can’t shine
I fucked up, you ain’t it but how do I stop?
I try a lot of varieties but I only seem to like one kind
I fucked up, you turned out to be a seasonal chop
I try getting over you but you run naked through my mind
I fucked up, you just a fable of Aesop
I try to stay optimistic but pessimism is all I can find
I fucked up, I’ve had enough, the mic is dropped…

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