Hey, how you doin? I haven’t heard from you and I don’t really want to but I’ve gotten used to it so it becomes painful when you go dark. I think at some point in the future they are probably going to make us put on our identification our most recent coronavirus testing results before we can enter certain establishments. Are you okay? I mean I guess it doesn’t matter if I know since I’ve had to ask but still.
They can probably just go ahead and just send me to the psych ward if this gets anymore dystopian because I am barely holding it together. I’m fine when I’m home and I’m alone but in my mind, this is still very much like a prison and if it gets to the point that we have to start self-identifying and there’s like violent discrimination against people I don’t know if I can handle all that. I will run into the woods some fucking where like a savage, unreachable and eating grubs and sleeping under trees. I don’t know if I can do the New World Order. Are you ignoring me again like you used to or is this something else?
I wish I was saying this to your face instead of into my phone but you told me I’d have to get along without you a year ago now and I didn’t believe you then because you tend to lie to me all of the time.
You alright? It took 40 years for medicine to come up with something viable for HIV and there’s still nothing concrete for influenza or herpes so this just might be the excuse needed for treating us like the animals in slaughterhouses get treated. I’m not saying it is not what we want because clearly, we do. I’m tripping, sure but I’m not wrong. And I don’t really want to but I miss you. Where you at?

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