You say life’s this way
but they say something that rebels
and I say the answer is love
but that’s because I don’t want anything else
yet the truth is not your way
the rebellion is only a part
none of the above is the remedy
For a failure to start
You’re so complicated for no fucking reason
and are so dumb and stupid
that it is physically difficult not to do anything
other than to love you through it…
Just love your helplessly idiotic ass
to death, because in death we are freed
To death with everything that exists
and all that matters to human beings!
Since we’re just having fun leaving shit in tatters
They say you say, and I do too
But you think some creature that made us
gives a fuck about what we are going to do?
You think that entity would let us
do this shit over again
and give us reign in another place
just to let it get the infection of man?
Take some responsibility
for not wanting my love more
tell me to my face that you don’t need me
What the fuck do you think that for?
Say I don’t mean shit to you
that itself can be proved
But even the Jains will stop eating
when they have nothing left in life to lose!
That’s non-violence in action but
Even the best among the rest of us would kill
and you use a dead language’s voice to hide
blaming everything on some ancient will!
Astrology is entertainment but you quoting
Sumerian opinions on the phases of the moon
because you hate yourself even more
than I hate a loveless tune!
You hate yourself so much that anything
that derives from you must be bad
so the external force you’re imagining
is the only one to prevent from being mad?
That’s what you claim to believe
but not what you actually do
Which of the nasty motherfuckers that I know
is the real bitch inside of you?
Who the hell are you pretending to pray to
when for all we know you are just a series of actions repeated?
Ain’t shit brand new, you say, I say and we say
each one of our chemical reactions so fully conceited!
But when it comes to the truth we’re wrong too
Water is not wet because we believe it!
It is anyway, regardless of whether
or not your backward ass chooses to see it!
Its existence isn’t based on your capability
Same as life and me, baby, same as life and me…
You don’t fuck with me, cool I’ll accept that
but don’t lie and say Jesus Christ told you to leave!

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