Honestly, I think if you believe whatever you believe
about god, humans etc., and it makes you
a happier, “better” person then by all means, believe it.
But we believe things when we don’t know things.
Believe means accept as truth-
which makes it a personal choice, not a fact.
This is also fine- but meeting 100, or even 1000 people
who “believe” something
is not the same thing
as well documented and consistently proven research.
I don’t think I’m right, baby
But I’m smart enough to say I’m learning.
I’m not rigid in my understanding and I don’t believe shit-
I either know shit or I don’t know shit.
Ain’t no middle.
So when I meet people who say it is always
this way because there is no other option
I don’t trust them or that.
How could they stop learning or
stop realizing there is more and
whatever you think you understand
is dumbed down?
Its an interpretation of the truth.
If you want to know what it means
you have to get to the source, not the source material.
Right? No. Correct? Yes.

Is this shit the reason that you don’t love me yet?
Because I said you’re mine, always?
You don’t trust me?
I’m the source…

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