This theatre of ours
temporarily hidden from full view
has a brand new play that started today
and the cast of characters
seem a whole lot like me and you
one is heartless and broken, the other a silly fool
one is young the other older
both like being used
in diametrically opposing ways
that’s the yin and yang of the act
one searching for porridge and shelter
the other a killer bear that just got back
one blond and prettiest hairless
the other the proud owner of all sorts of hair
dark energy affecting their universe
and they can’t even see it anywhere
how closely they resemble me and you
the puppet and the marionettist
viruses surround the theatre
creeping into every little crevice
creeping into all consciousness
but the doll pulled by the string
effigies of you and of me
being how we were designed to be
It’s time for the big dance!
The theatre is now open!
Today the show is for the closet fans
the patrons whose hearts would hurt the longest
One writes the lyrics here, immune to disease
the other pulls the wires and holds all the keys
one is in love you see and the other in need
one the producer, the other sings lead
be dazzled by the kisses and chastity
be amazed by the counteraction of gravity
at this little theatre of ours
nestled on the outskirts of reality…

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