the bangability of likability


Like most of my posts I’m either drunk or high or drunk and high or recovering from being drunk or hormonal and all of the above or emotional and all of the above and all combinations of those categories into infinity.

Yesterday I was just high.

So I started dictating my thoughts and this is what came out.



It always freaks me out quite a bit when men ask me if I like XYZ kind of a man…
I’m always like are you asking me if I like that type of guy because you are one or because typically in the circle that you run in nobody likes that type of guy or because someone who looked like me told you they didn’t like that type of guy and you really liked that particular girl especially her appearance (because if you knew me obviously you wouldn’t be asking me if I liked XYZ kind of a man so we’re obviously strangers) and that girl said Oh no thank you I don’t like XYZ kind of a man and that’s why you’re asking or someone told you the people that look like me don’t like that sort of a guy
because I’ve met a whole lot of men who don’t look like me aren’t from the same background socioeconomic status skin color they don’t even bother to ask that question like it never even occurs to them that’s an option doesn’t even cross their minds
and then
I meet others who before they even interact with me on any level before we even exchange names and pleasantries they want to know if I like XYZ kind of a man and usually it’s about ethnicity for sure um the second one I will get is height if they are smaller than me by quite a bit not all the time I’m saying in these groups some folks don’t ever bring it up you know he’s 5’5 and he sees I’m 5’9 and it never crosses his mind to ask if I’m interested in that or not
maybe he’s more confident
in himself, in general, I’m not sure but the dude that just asked
out the gate like just straight out the gate do you like guys that are in this group I don’t know if it is the case fully yet but it feels like the case is that guy is simply interested in a physical interaction
like I need to know before I even start talking to you bitch if you care to fuck dudes that look like me
or fit into this group

the third category up to the task outside of ethnicity outside of height are dudes that feel like there’s a size concern with their body parts so either they know or have heard from others that they have extremely large physical members or they have heard from others that the opposite is true and before they even interact with me find out what my name is nothing the question comes out are you interested in men with this specific condition I almost wonder if they were paying me if they would ask if I liked dudes that were that thing because in that instance I would automatically say yes right because I’m getting paid
and you’re getting automatically the validation that you’re looking for even though it isn’t genuine who cares you paid for the experience so on the other hand maybe these dudes who are just into me physically are trying to be kind
by asking
if I’m into their appearance physically because they want me on some level to enjoy the sex we’re about to have because nobody asks you that before they have a conversation with you about the weather or astrophysics or calculus they ask you that because I need to know if at some point it’s going to be cool for me to have sex with you and it’s a way to assume the sex without even having to get to know me so
I think to confirm this
my next step is going to be that when I receive this question to immediately ask a question and that question is going to be why do you ask because at that point I’m giving this person a Golden opportunity right out of the gate to confirm for me that the only reason why we’re having this interaction is that this person would like to have sex with me for free and hope that I also enjoy that experience or they could lie now
if they lie and say some elaborate ass story as to why they asked this question or get upset I’m absolutely dodging a bullet
2 bullets
the first person clearly is not going to be the love of my life right because that’s how they approached me in the 1st place but then being honest about what their intentions gave me a real choice to say if I want to involve myself with that or not from a place of not being confused about what their interest is… does that make sense…

…so I’m gonna do that from now on.

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