The Vivifying Continues…Part 2 for me and you

150 seemed as many as I could put in the last post of these spells without it being entirely too long to read but again like I said, I’ve been carrying around notebooks from state to state with these little snippets from all over the world that actually have been helping me tremendously.

So in part two from the original post, here are a few more and again, some are mine, some are ancient, some are from famous motivational or philosophical teachings and I did a good enough job writing them down, but not the best job writing down the sources so again I will number them, starting from the last post and surely use the comments if you know the footnotes!


Thanks for reading these blog posts for the past 7 years if you have, hopefully, 1 or the other of them touched you, reflected you, helped you or helped me be a little more understood.



151. Every day is extra.
152. Don’t spend time speculating about others.
153. The obstacle is the way.
154. Breathe in for a count of 5, hold for a count of 5 and then out for a count of 5, 5 times. See how you feel about it then.
155. I don’t need to get anywhere, I need to love me right here.
156. Grace Huang is quoted as saying women tend to wait until they are 100% prepared. Men don’t. So stop waiting.
157. Mastering reactions isn’t enough you have to master the awareness of the reactions too.
158. If they are worth having in your life, let them get closer to you.
159. How much does tranquility cost?
160. What is the sensation of this moment? Now let it pass…

161. You are what you do not what you say.
162. I am more than my labels.
163. Be honest. Be accountable. Be Creative.
164. Pay your debts.
165. Never Chase People.
166. Be observant. Be Mindful. Learn.
167. My feelings are valid and important.
168. When I’m connected with my own power, I can advocate for and take care of, myself.
169. I have already been offended against so I am going to let go of this so I don’t continue to be burdened by it.
170. Others have no real power over me.

171. When I see clearly who I am nothing can threaten my sense of myself as a good and worthy person.
172. What if, just for today, nothing is wrong with me?
173. I don’t want to depend on others for self-esteem anymore.
174. Death is close.
175. There are just different varieties and degrees of wrongness…
176. Hope brings with it impatience.
177. It is important to be indifferent toward anything outside of my own will.
178. P. Chodron is quoted as saying the most difficult times for many of us are the ones we give ourselves.
179. I’m tougher than all of this shit.
180. It all could change. Be attached to improving self.

181. Avoid people you feel insecure around.
182.  You attract yourself in others.
183. I am enough.
184. Cheer for you quietly.
185. In stillness lies power.
186. One day at a time is all you have and is all that matters.
187. Who am I when I am not at war with myself?
188. Don’t tie your happiness to expectations.
189. Worry less. Project less. Accept more.
190. Other people’s opinions are a commodity relevant for work sure, but nothing else.

191. Something good is going to happen to me, for me or because of me today.
192. Reach out to people who support you.
193. Everyone is difficult to love and to live with.
194. No one can see my insecurity on the outside unless I point it out.
195. Work on your own difficulties and be aware of difficulties in others.
196. Soak up reassurance when it comes.
197. Unworthiness is a trance.
198. As soon as you want to control them, it is not loving anymore.
199. Pessimism about the perfection of existence is the cure for anger.
200. Slow down- are you reacting to your own needs or the needs imposed on you by others?

201. Give yourself 1000 second chances.
202. Minimize friction. Maximize Compatibility.
203. Learn to share because you’ll have more.
204. Kill “supposed to be”.
205. Is it true? Is it positive? Is it useful?
206. Oscar Wilde is quoted as saying when the gods wish to punish us, they grant us our wishes.
207. Accept that struggle plays a role because life is not easy.
208. Yet somehow, I went on and came through…
209. Who others think you are has nothing to do with who you really are.
210. Do the things that you never thought possible for yourself.

211. Why do we fall? So we can learn to stand again.
212. What boundaries need to be in place to allow me to be in my integrity and be generous toward others?
213. Encourage you.
214. Design is a function of connection.
215. Be balanced, reliable, mature, brave, and as generous as possible.
216. If you can’t help with a loving nonjudgmental heart, stop.
217. Art is love.
218. Acknowledge your reality.
219. It’s not the critic who counts its the person in the arena who matters, the one in the battle.
220. Calm down, stay calm, get focused, and smile about it.

221. It’ll be okay.
222. Fail daring greatly!
223. Do your part and mind your own business.
224. The ego doesn’t even like itself for having to seek out external affirmations.
225. Be at peace as you make new and different mistakes.
226. Live fully.
227. You’ve survived change before and you will do so in the future.
228. Resist the urge to self-sabotage!
229. Don’t waste time in your mind panicked go with flow instead just see what happens.
230. Don’t rev the engine while driving.

231. The worst-case scenario is very rare, who are some less negative options that are more realistic?
232. Use adaptive strategies.
233.  What does the world need that my talent can provide?
234. I’m not responsible for others emotions.
235. Make the heroic choice to forgive the past for myself so my life improves.
236. Let go of ‘not yet’.
237. Compassion towards self always.
238. Cease to cling.
239. Accept yourself right now.
240. The more you fail the more you learn and grow.

241. How you choose to see it, shapes it.
242. No need to apologize for yourself or explain yourself.
243. Simon Sinek is quoted as saying start with why.
244. Keep doing what you think is right.
245. Suffering does not live in the present moment.
246. Every moment of your life is a second chance.
247. Singing reduces anxiety.
248. Do you suppose the hunter is actually angry at the beast he kills?
249. Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.
250. The symptoms precede the disorder.

251. Bet on yourself, homie.
252. The Dalai Lama is quoted as saying when reason ends, anger begins.
253. Let go of taking things personally, including compliments.
254. Using force is a sign of weaknesses- its powerlessness.
255. Stay curious.
256. Let go altogether of what others think.
257. David Foster Wallace is quoted as saying everybody worships the only choice we get is what to worship in life.
258. Let go of trying to morph into anything that you are not.
259. The point of dancing is the dance- not getting anywhere- life is a dance.
260. Let go of the need to be perfect.

261. We are like a paper boat when we carry unnecessary things, we sink.
262. If today was your last day, what would you do with it?
263. Gotta be willing to fail big at it, to ever be successful at it!
264. Fault is past tense. Responsibility is present tense.
265. The rapper Trina is quoted as saying growth is ignoring people who deserve to be swung on.
266. Certainty is the enemy of growth.
267. We repeat what we don’t repair.
268. Are you the kind of person that you want to be around?
269. What I want does not exist so I will create it for myself.
270. Live right now. Time is all I have so I will be stingy with it.

271. B. Fuller is quoted as saying either war is obsolete or men are.
272. Even here, You can choose to accept yourself.
273. Only I have the power to make my life a great one.
274. The things that make me different make me strong.
275. Jealousy and insecurity work together.
276. Unitask. Do it right.
277. Taking things slowly is always the best move.
278. What is psychological is ultimately biological.
279. Doing a good thing for me is easing the suffering of at least one human.
280. There is only forward!

281. I’m not for everyone and I do not have to be.
282. Watch yourself, kiddo.
283. You only move from wrong to slightly less wrong.
284. It might suck but my life is my responsibility even if its not my fault.
285. What are you willing to suffer for?
286. First do, then get inspired.
287. I choose my own peace or pressure.
288. Do what you have to do, for you.
289. Love will always return in new forms.
290. I belong to myself.

291. Keep death in mind to truly live.
292. Jealousy is a form of self torture.
293. You are not special. Special is narcissism. Narcissism is a disorder.
294. Always sit behind the driver.
295. Illusion exists because it is not investigated.
296. Be with what is.
297. Relax, but don’t chill.
298. What have you done of meaning today?
299. All thoughts that separate you from happiness are lies.
300. Reduce dissatisfaction before trying to create delight.

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