I am one of the beings
who exist on this planet
that will live and die
never knowing
what that kind of love
feels like
It is fine, really…
You make me crave it though
when clearly I don’t need it
simply because
I can’t make you give it to me
It is fine, really…
I am one of those beings
that plays a game of chicken
with myself and my feelings
torturing me for my own amusement
Really, it is fine…
I don’t want to own you
I’m sorry too
I don’t want to cage you
I don’t want to pay for you
I just like the idea of your hand
I just like the idea of your lips
I just like the idea of your loving
because it would be nice
especially if someone chose
to love a being like me
You’re just pretty.
You’re just out of reach.
You’re just the perfect trophy
for when one can’t get what they really want
but they can stunt on “dem hos”
with a prepackaged prize like you
struggling to escape a spider’s web
built by the kind of being I seem to be…
You don’t want anybody you really care about
to do the things you ask me to do
and moreover
I don’t want to do the things you ask of me
because I really think I care about you…
Really, It’s fine
You’re just appealing.
You’re just an illusion.
You’re just what I get for not realizing that
I have love in so many other ways
and for a being like myself
that is simply going to have to be enough…



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