Up the Creek a bit

Everything about you I have overdone
My heart was a racing one, once
All the words I’ve written to you or for you were never love
If you ever came back would that mean your search is done
but loss and desperation and want are just fancy ways to say pain
no one has ever truly replaced you they stood here in your place
just screaming and wailing and protesting exactly what you are
not me
you are not me or with me, me, me, me…
how could I be missing what I have inside?
Are you just light?
Take flight or I might!
No, you’re what happens when I’ve run out of oxygen
and I can’t seem to stop dying for a dream again…

4 responses to “Up the Creek a bit”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    Since I’m tagged I’ll say this. Pain a desperation are always gonna be part of life, part of the ups and downs cuz when you go flat you die. Life sucks, people suck and its only the connections we have and experiences we have that sustain anything that’s worth living for. I just wanna spend as much time with the people I actually enjoy while dredging thru the muck. I can’t ask for more than that. I’ve been beaten and lost, given away so much..my happiness does come from me I just want to share it. With you.


    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      wait. whoa. hi.


  2. Kevin Avatar

    Also…no worries if you aren’t ready.. times just gonna keep passing. I’m personally thru caring what others think. I do what I want and don’t apologize for it. My life, my choices.


    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      omg. wth?!!! did you cover my tattoo?


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