The family nightshade takes no offense
That it ain’t enough soap for you to rinse
Obvious allergens away so your potato disrespect is pathetic
More than anything else your hatred is what makes you so sick
You just don’t have the right body type or immune system I see
You just can’t have everything in existence, sorry about histamines
You think it’s a problem for me that you don’t like me
But the exact opposite is true, I know you want to
You simply aren’t developed enough to experience us fully
You simply aren’t evolved enough to partake or take part
We are seriously not upset if you wish you could but can’t
So why are you so mad
Why are you so mad
Simply because the Nightshades exist? How selfish!
Who hates things that they can’t have or be
What on earth would make you hate something as delicious as me?
Because you can’t decorate your home with petunias
or have a little spice in your life?
Because everyone says pizza ain’t pizza without the tomato sauce on every slice?
Because James Dean looked so cool smoking cigarettes, so why can’t you?
Because every part of me brings out a terrible rash in you?
Because Jimsonweed and Jalapenos will always be just out of reach?
Because the nightshade family can be dangerous and you can’t leech?
No matter how you try to spin it
doesn’t make it any less glorious
that an eggplant emoji stands for a dick
and you can’t enjoy any of it…
The family nightshade is unscathed anyway
Bell peppers are here to stay
Because you can’t swallow, smell or touch
is no reason to hate habanero so much




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