It was weird. The front room of my apartment which faces my television has a cardboard cut out on either side of the screen- one stands for passion, the other hope, and honestly had circumstances in either of their hero’s journeys been slightly different, they would have been the other character, easily.

To the left of the Screen is Darth Vader.

To the right, Kal El of Krypton.

What I noticed when he came over, is the entire left side of my apartment is black and white and reflects Darth Vader. I’m not sure I did this purposely. As soon as I noticed I looked to the right side, and wouldn’t you know it, the decor on that side of the apt was entirely house of el inspired.

This made me look at the both of us on the sofa, high staring at the TV. He was sitting on the right side of the apartment, wearing a house of El teeshirt, that I didn’t know he was gonna wear and it made me laugh, I’m like look at you sitting over there on the hope side of the apartment, dressed for the shit and everything! And then he pointed at me. I looked down and noticed, I was wearing a Darth Vader tee shirt. I had not planned this, it hadn’t even crossed my mind to put it on versus any other shirt but I too was sitting on the left side of the apartment, with all the stuff that matched it.

And he said with all sincerity Yin Yang, huh?

And all my romantic programming oozed on.
Like I said, weird, right?


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