The Universal Tremble or Laugh Playlist

When I do not survive the down crest of the wave
When I’ve seen my last bit of sunshine
When I’ve given up on my last dream
will we, have we, should we… mean… anything
if this is it and now is the time
and now is the time too
The time is now again and I’m saying it here
will I know when the last time that I will kiss you is
How will I know?
If you were cool with exploitive relationships
because you were just afraid to be alone
could I ever know?
Before the pains of death
come or after they end and it all begins again
when there’s nothing left of me I still want to understand
why do you keep gravitating toward an existence
you say you do not want
When I’ve taken my last breath
When saying no set boundaries to protect
my yeses
but talking fails me-
When I’ve had my last meal-
When every memory of my life is nothing once more-
Before I go for good…
did you know that I loved you
and I always will and was I at least
in that, understood?

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