You can’t stop thinking about meeeeeeeee you say?
Hurray. (Uhhh… here we go again-Okay…)

Anything else going on a little less lame?
How your kids doing, are you staying sane?
Are you living your best life, wild and free
or are you still fucked up and worried about me?
You “love me” you mentioned but how could that be true?
If you did wouldn’t you see I’m better off without you?
Or is my happiness not a thing? I see…
Excuse me for existing, how selfish of me!
Sorry, I let go and you simply weren’t ready…
Sorry I made myself clear but your eyesight ain’t steady…
Sorry, we had a thing and now we don’t anymore…
Sorry my response to you is turning into a bore
just like before… you will not get your way!
I suppose there isn’t anything left for either of us to say
Think of other things, a good life, happiness, and peace
and stop pretending you give a good flying flip about my needs!
You’ve made it obvious with each of your words
You want me to obey you and that’s clearly absurd!
I’ve tried to be nice but it seems you want me to be yours
whether I want that or not, like you can take true love by force!
I run my life, so think whatever you will-
Except don’t think we belong together, we didn’t before and we don’t still!
I’m possessing your thoughts, is that all that this is?
Some perverted selfish wish from a manipulative little kid?
Yikes, oh well, hopefully, you find what you need
and stop trying to force a relationship on someone who’d rather be freed…
I wish you the best, I always have and always do
But obviously, my best life never has and never will involve you!




Hey Everybody…I just want to say (separately from the post) if you have an adult human who continues to contact you about a relationship that you have explicitly stated you want no part in and this person refuses to stop communicating with you, then please keep track of all of their refusals to abide by your wishes and seek whatever help necessary if it becomes a stalking or otherwise unpleasant or violent situation for you or your family. If you cannot get away from this person and need assistance, feel free to respond to this post and I will do my level best, wherever you are in the world, to help if I can.

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