Pixelated Cyberworld Saturday Sisyphus

I’m just over here being a filthy ass clickety clack cougar.
Every time I go to delete my disgusting dating app profile
there’s some new bootie in the messages…
For something.
Stimulation. Inspiration. Humiliation.
All three probably if he is trying to fuck with me.
I won’t know until I talk to him.
And it will always go the same way see,
He clicked on me yesterday and said just Hi.
I waited a whole day to respond.
Now I’ma gas him up for an hour or two (pretty boy rule)
and as soon as his walls fall I’ma remind him that he AIN’T SHIT
and then sit quietly until he accepts this behavior (98% of them do)
and as soon as he does
I can pretty much make him do whatever I want until he dies
having met his young desperate for attention having ass online…
so I’ma delete this shit for real, stop controlling these boys minds-
another one just jumped in and he too is fucking fine…le sigh.
clickety clack clack time
as soon as he say Hi…


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