I get up over and over again just to fall back down
I’m silly and sick with love like your average circus clown
I want to do it right this time but I don’t know how
I’m disturbed, impatient, filthy and awkward to be around
I only know how to turn you on even when I’m trying to set you off
My mind is a sharpened razor blade swaddled in a body so thick and soft
I only know how to make you want me and when you do, toss it all
My intentions start so sinister and then when you like ’em, my schemes fall
I’m scared of course but in a different way than I usually feel
My demons tell me I don’t deserve this and my facade starts to peel
Usually I get caught up in the deception of trying to make it be real
The self sabotage of my own heart is a golden replica of fortune’s wheel
But these days, who knows what’s next so I’ma relax my grip
So if you thirsty baby bring yo ass over here for a lil sip
And if you can hang on through sunshines and storms then this could be it
And if it’s nothing but a fling don’t mean I’ll settle for nobody else’s bullshit
I get up over and over again and falling is normally what’s next
But all I can control is how I move and never what anyone expects
Maybe you’re one of the ones who will withstand all my dumb ass tests
Maybe you’ll fall too and I’ll try to exterminate you like I do all other pests
Maybe not but it doesn’t matter I want to sprinkle some free time on you
The bad things I wanna share with you scare me but they won’t make me blue
Whatever it turns out to be is irrelevant if I’m doing what I wanna do
If I get nothing else from it but poetry then you were a worthy muse…

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