What don’t you fucking understand about the word no?
Do you think it’s cute to keep asking me and asking me for the same shit over and over again like you’re fucking two years old?

What did I say last time?
Negative, Ghostrider.

And the time before?
Absolutely not, dear heart.

And the time before that?
Kick ROCKS!!!

You’re not stupid, you just think if you keep asking me
that eventually
I’ll be tired of saying no and give in to your desires and demands and the really dumb thing about that is
I absolutely won’t
for no other reason now
other than the fact that you don’t get the picture
and you’re holding the goddamned camera
staring straight at the lens!!!

It’s cool, it is cool, I’m not going to let it upset me, I’m going to try and remain cool, so cool, and control what I can control, what I say and what I do, it’s cool, so cool, and I’m telling your punk ass no, and I’m saying it directly to you so I’m not going to key the word NO into the hood of your truck or nothing, I’m good, I’m not going to call yo momma and yo kids and tell they ass no as well so they can pass the message to you, I’m cool, I swear, and more than likely you don’t listen to any of them either… which is clearly obvious to me OBVIOUSLY.

What I really want to do is find a stick of dynamite like they have in cartoons, shove it right up your ass and light it and before it goes off and blows your entire lower body to smithereens, take out a white glove, slap your stupid ass across the fucking face, and tell you no for the umpteenth and final time.
What I really want to do is get you so drunk that you pass out and tie you to an old oak tree while you sleep and carve no into your fucking chest with a gold plated spork so when you wake up screaming you see it’s me and see exactly what the fuck I meant in blood until you die.
But I’m not going to let you anger me
I’m not going to seek revenge
I’m not going to even keep telling you because clearly this is where the bullshit ends.
Talking to me about anything is a privilege bitch
and repeating myself is a deterrent
and the fact that this ‘lil game you play
works with all the other stupid motherfuckers that you run with
lets me know exactly what time it is.


Time to stop being your friend.

It’s for your health.


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