And then it happens
that second when
there is no before that
not all will get that
everything flashes
everything is crystal
everything is the sting
of pain and real life
of promises unkept
of false winnings
of sleepless nights
of wild awakenings
a single second
and you know
in the very crevices
of what you call your soul
that this person
does not love you
never has never did never will
what you feel at this moment
the second before you get killed
the skin breaking
the knife jammed in
and then it happens
the violent aching
when you realize
you’ve been lied to
in that entire timeline
of your liveliness
and its over now
its gone now
with that version of you
you’re starting over now
we’ve suffered long now
and everything is crystal
because this sensation
of outright betrayal
is brand new
to you
from them
and then it happens
for the first time…


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