You’re so clever aren’t you but you can’t stop yourself from breathing for long
without ending it all, smartypants…..Take a deep breath….
You’re so wickedly clever but you’re not a free man because you can’t even stop yourself from randomly and often, finding your own dick resting in your own hands.
You play with yourself to thoughts of control and possession and neither of those things can you get a handle on, and haven’t you tried?
I know that you have, doll.
You’re so witty and charming for a chess piece and although you thought you were the smartest in the room when you called checkmate during the game, the rest of us (me, myself and I) laughed at the joke of you calling yourself the winner of the game you’re the prize of.
But perhaps, since you are so intelligent, perhaps I’m wrong this time.
I’ve never been wrong about you before but maybe today my bunny will teach me instead…
Do this one thing for me first will you oh wise one?
Introduce me to one person in your life
who loves all of you; your impressive parts and your imbecilic parts, your disgusting, funky and inappropriate parts, your artistic parts, your unseen and unwashed and bulbous parts, your smart ass, idiotic and masculine parts who would not be afraid
or intimidated or confused
by my presence in your orbit.

You cannot.
Hold that breath in damn it, I said HOLD IT…. hold it…

Not because you are weak, being as brilliant as you are…
Not because you are supremely private either…

You cannot because there is no one else, no one else who wants to not only see you be great but also punishes you within an inch of your life more than I do.

No one else you would even let
get this close
even if they wanted to, right, bunny?
We both know this, and maybe one day
you’ll respect it considering
all that brain muscle you got going on, huh?

You may breathe again now, sugar.
Good boy.



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